November 06, 2007

Protest Vote

So I voted today - trial #2 with the optical scanners (I also used them in the primary). Pretty empty in Precinct 11 at Batchelder School; although a full parking lot meant I got to park down the driveway, and avoid the polling place campaigners (one older woman tried to intercept me on the way in, but I escaped)

I cast my vote for I. Charles Mathews - a protest of sort because I do think the strong-arm tactics of the present administration are problematic. I also voted anti-Perez for the council, with votes going to the Working Families, Green, Reform, and the Mozzicato for Hartford candidate. (curiously named Mozzicato). Again, no strong beliefs, just a vague dislike of consolidating executive branch power at the local level akin to the national level.

I suspect Mayor Perez will win; and that does not upset me greatly - I do think he's done a lot better for the city than previous regimes, I just think he's been ignoring the North End in favor of schools and the South End, and falling prey to creeping corruption that can only get worse in another term.

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kerri said...

Doesn't Mozzicato look like Nomar Garciaparra? It's uncanny!

I didn't see anyone handing out fliers outside of Bulkeley High. Usually there are a few. My guess is that they were all still getting their coffee and doughnuts.