November 16, 2007

Dinosaurs Suck

Well, Nigersaurus taqueti does, anyway.
While Nigersaurus' mouth is shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum, it has something lacking in most cleaners — hundreds of tiny, sharp teeth to grind up its food.

I confess, I have been and will remain a dinosaur geek all my life. I was a geek back in teh 60's when such stuff was less cool - before Barney, before Dinosaurs became ubiquitous on children's clothing, before Jonathon Richman, in fact.

I'm pretty sure I'll get excited about dinosaur news until I am old and grey....they are so cool!


FyreGoddess said...

See... now I want a vacuum cleaner with hundreds of tiny sharp teeth. That would be the best vacuum EVER!

Jude said...

I was kind of hoping to clone this guy to suck up all the leaves in my backyard!