November 11, 2007

Wild Child's - Plainville, CT

I might have a new favorite place in the Farmington Valley for post-ballooning breakfast.....

Wild Child's, 33 East Street (Rte. 10), Plainville, CT is located in what used to be a Burger King on Rte. 10. It was recommended by one of our balloon passenger's this morning. It's presently open for breakfast and lunch. They've done a minimal job of making it over inside - nothing fancy - but it works. Sort fo finished picnic tables with benches in the middle, taller tables with high chairs along the windows, and a counter as well. They served huge cups of coffee.

Notable on the breakfast menu: sweet potato pancakes and sweet potato hash browns, cajun hash browns, andouille sausage, and home made biscuits. Lot's of influences in evidence: southern, cajun, tex-mex. Not your usual central CT fare - where the most exotic thing on the breakfast menu is kielbasa (not that there is anything wrong with that!) It's not the cheapest place in the valley - our breakfasts were around $7.50, but you get a lot.

This morning things were S-L-O-W (I think a few tables got up and left, sadly), but the waitress explained that one of the cooks had walked out. So they get a pass, just this once. And the waitstaff seems a little green - again, for a fairly new place on an exceptionally bad day, that can be forgiven. They were certainly friendly, just a bit harried. I need to take Zippy for breakfast and see how they are on a weekday; maybe this week while he is recovering....and based on the breakfast menu, I bet they have some interesting things for lunch as well.

They really ought to post their menu online - since it's both extensive and exceptional - and their website (very basic) does not do justice to the place....

I hope they last. I hope they get their act together in terms of being able to handle weekend traffic. (my fellow balloonists do not suffer slow service well) Because I'd love to make Wild Child's a regular post-ballooning breakfast spot!

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Lori Chadwick said...

I found this web site by accident & I am glad my restaurant is being talked about. On top of it by a ballooner. My mother who died several years ago was a chaser so I have a very special place in my heart for them too! I am sorry you had a rough experience on Sunday (I would have loved to have been in your shoes though instead of not only did my one of my cooks leave the line but we were also short a waitress & one I had there it was her first day. Poor thing she was actually supposed to be training. Well I guess her feet are now wet! I was happy that only 1 table left. We are new, we are working out kinks. Please come back it WILL get better. I have only been open a few weeks & was actually overwhelmed by how busy we got so quickly. All the staff is new & it is not the usual so it has been a learning curve even for my most experienced people. I appreciate your comments about my web site changes are in the works as a write this. I hope that you also noticed besides a southern influence that are most everything you eat is from scratch, as much natural & organic as I can get my hands on & hopefully you tasted the love from which my cooking comes from. Next time you stop in say hello & happy balloning!