November 24, 2007

I *am* Here

Chicago, that is. For my annual junket to the RSNA Meeting. I'm part of the technical exhibits, or rather, my oldest client is, and they invite me along for the ride. They pay my expenses; I don't bill 'em for the time, and it all works out OK.

We're in a different hotel this year (Marriott on Michigan) which honestly is not all that exciting - I was fine with wherever the heck we've stayed the last few years (Embassy Suites, I think.....) The higher priced the hotel, the fewer things they toss in I'll be skipping breakfast (free last year) in favor of something quicker and cheaper (can we say Starbucks). Also, no microwave, fridge, and a pretty tiny room to be stuck in for 4 nights. Internet is $15 a day. Ick.

Checked in with my client who is at the convention center setting up the booth; he was pretty much done so I get a pass on booth set-up duties. So I need to unpack my bag and get comfy. Maybe do a bit of web surfing for a local yoga studio, or check out the fitness center here or something. Room is too damn small to down down-dog without piling furniture on he bed......

In years past I have been pretty pumped to be at the show - its sort of exciting and the hub of the universe, in my industry, this week. But....bleah. I have a stack of business cards and brochures, and it will be nice to reconnect with my clients and industry folk in person, but really, I'd just as soon have stayed home this year.....

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