November 18, 2007


I'm feeling motion in my life.

Workwise, I am abandoning a storage closet I've had for a few years - nothing mission critical in there but lots of odds and ends that need to be dealt with. As I sort through things, its a good excuse to clean up and reorganize the office - I have a couple of large plastic racks filled with equipment that will soon need to find a home in my already somewhat cluttered office. A good time to purge and restructure.

On the home front, leaf raking was a good impetus for other small projects. The hoses are emptied and in the basement. The garden fencing put away. My scooter got put into the backyard and readied for winter. A porchful of stuff went downstairs: chain saw, hedge trimmer, extension cords, porch screens, porch furniture. Some tubs of summer clothes went downstairs, the basement got a little bit of cleaning and reorganization. Snow shovels were brought up.

Still lots to do. There are still leaves on the trees, so raking is not finished. The porch roof is full of leaves; the gutters need to be cleaned out. The vegetable garden will get cleaned out. The basement needs much attention.

But things are happening. It feels good.

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Terrence McCarthy said...

Related to this post. We're in the process of weeding ( and raking ) here, too. In the past week we've made four trips to the dump ( I refuse to call it the transfer station ) We've lived, off and on, for 20 years in this place. Amazing what you accumulate. We're tossing tables, chairs, file cabinets, old New Yorker magazines ( More easily done for me now that I have the DVD archive of decades worth of that mag ) It's a little like writing, this process. Decisions. What to leave in, what to leave out. It's hard work making those decisions, lugging stuff up from the basement, out to the car, out to the dump. All that stuff that was brand new once. Wanted. Needed. Now it's not making the cut. Decisions, decisions. Decide, decide. Interesting word that. Comes from the same Latin root as words like homicide, suicide, regicide do. When we make a decision, what we're doing is killing off all other options. No wonder it was so hard dumping those boots that I loved. I didn't just dump 'em. I killed 'em.

That said. It's better and easier than raking. That's a job I really loathe.