November 11, 2007

Savasana Enightenment

A challenging community yoga - jammed into the small studio (national workshop in the big studio) - and a vigorous vinyasa class. I suspect I will have to catch Peg subbing a gentle class to catch something different from her, because this was pretty similar to her normal power classes. Not what I anticipated.

But during Savasana, not particularly deep or long, a fleeting image. My shiny fish or flame, of which I am a part. But in the past, I perceived a relationship - the divine as a separate entity of which I am a part. Today, the thought that perhaps there is no individual divinity - perhaps the divine is simply the sum of each individual spirit.

Something to throw into the mix. As the Enlightenment Intensive looms, the seeking energy in me begins to stir. It is a time to be open, a time to be watchful for the spirit making itself known in the world and in myself.

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