November 16, 2007

My Family

My yoga teachers, that is. I have commented before that I have an abundance of choices in terms of yoga teachers. And they are all beloved. On Wednesday morning, I practiced with one of my teachers who I have not worked with in a while - maybe 2-3 weeks. I see her at the studio, she occasionally lays down her mat in a class I am in - and sharing our practice that way is special too. But to take a class with her felt like coming home.

This morning, another such teacher - unfurling my mat is like slipping on my flannel pajamas - familiar, safe, warm, comfortable. I would work with her 3x a week if I could. But there are so many teachers I want to work with, to learn from.

I take solace in time. There is no need to get it all in this day, this week, this month. I'm into this yoga thing for the long haul, and I will have many practices ahead of me to explore.

Abundant blessings, indeed.

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