April 23, 2007

Blog Search Ads? Blog Spam?

In a recent post regarding a lost and found piece of yoga gear, I got a comment. I get few comments, so I get to think about the ones I get a lot. This one seemed somewhat cryptic, but on the whole legitimate - clearly driven by a couple of items in my post, and clearly written by a real live person.
Good you Found your Mat are you sure you wrote in big enough letters lol I had to do the same thing

At the end of the comment, a link to some place to buy mat material. Apparently you can get a big roll of the stuff and cut your own mats, which is kind of amusing. I can envision some good sight and innuendo based gags related to long yoga mats.

I let the comment go through (it seemed cryptic but perhaps something one of my local yoga friends might have penned) and only once it was posted did I notice the advertising link.

Now I am wondering about the person who actually generated the comment. I mean - it all seems pretty straightforward. You have a site you wish to advertise / link to. You do some blog searches for related terms. You post appropriate comments with the embedded link. But I do some legitimate web advertising (with Google and Yahoo Search Word) and dammit, there is not all that much money there. I maybe spend $100 a month at the top of the season, for 100's of clicks and 10's of thousands of eyeballs.

Who has the time to do this? As I said, its not a bot, its a real person, the post references both the lost article (that could be a bot) but also the fact that I wrote my name on the article once it was reclaimed. How much could this person be making? Maybe a few cents per post? And how many posts can one do in an hour?

On the whole, working the counter at McD's might be a more lucrative career.....

Nice overview of Blog Comment Spam here.

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