April 19, 2007

The Parts that Hurt

Day Two in post-Forrest recovery, and I find that I continue to feel triceps and my lower and mid ribs. I do not recall working either of those all that much in the practice, but I must have. And it kind of affirms my practice - I felt like (in the moment) that it was a good but not particularly strong practice, and that I was simply not in a good physical place to receive it. My struggles with the practice were more along the lines of energy and attitude. But now, I feel as if perhaps it was a really deep practice, and the places I was ready are OK, and these other spots (triceps and ribs) are the places that do not get enough attention in my normal practice. Gonna talk to some of my teachers about that; find out what postures and techniques might help.....

In any case, I am headed back to the mat this morning - normally a Marcia class. Not sure if Nikki (Nicki? Nicky? Niki?) the new instructor who comes directly from working with Ana Forrest will be starting yet (she is slated to do my regular Tues / Thurs power classes) but I am looking forward to working with her.

I feel a kind of malaise, work wise. I busted through a lot of stuff at the end of March / beginning of April. Then I had taxes. Now I am catching up again. I have a bunch of backlogged reports, a bunch of loose ends from various projects, and a long queue of things to do for my one largest client. Not so worried about them - they tend to get nervous when my billables get too high each month and I've been right on the trigger levels of that nervousness for a while, so I do not feel bad about pushing work back because I know if I were to get it all done this month, I'd get a phone call at the beginning of next month about the invoiced work being too high....

Just waiting for this rain and cold to break - I get the feeling that this weekend will be the official start of nice weather. Hope so, its been a cold and wet month so far. Lot of work needs to be done around the house - cleaning, organizing, yard work. This could be a good "spring cleaning" weekend.

AC will be coming by this evening, post CCH - not sure if I will get there. I have not had dinner with the Zipster all week.

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