April 07, 2007

Eostre Weekend

Not that we are celebrating. It's one of those odd holidays - unlike xmas (with its proximity to hannukah, solstice and new years, its secularized santa claus and its pagan symbolism in the form of trees, lights, holly, and yule logs. Unlike strictly secular holidays. No, Easter is a particularly christian holiday, despite the rabbits and eggs and chocolate. One can choose to celebrate the coming of spring, but May Day or Equinox are more apt times for that. So its kind of off the map for us.

Nevertheless, its a busy one. We're headed north twice this weekend - once to Springfield for a birthday party (this evening) and tomorrow to NoHo for a support space for the zipster. Yoga tomorrow morning for me, and kirtan rehearsal tomorrow evening. Today, I was hoping to sneak in Jazzercise (if only to go say hello, work out a bit, and collect my mat and weights since I am not able to get there too often of late). MP is planning to come by - we picked up some tileboard for the kitchen and are embarking on the long planned renovation:

* Stage 1 - new stove (gas)
* Stage 2 - new countertop

To Be Done
* Stage 3 - Tileboard behind stove and behind counters
* Stage 4 - Painting the walls and trim
* Stage 5 - Painting (?) the cabinets or at least new hardware
* Stage 6 - Linoleum floor (?)

I also have a project I need to finish up before Monday - brought everything home. Not sure when I will make time for it.

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