April 03, 2007

Just Like That......

A malaise had overtaken me. Between my post-intensive fog, a head cold, a very busy March, financial straits, work backlogs, and the weather (cool, grey, and wet) - I was feeling down, feeling drained. But all of a sudden - I am resurrected.

I awoke this morning feeling almost back to normal - a small fog from cold medicine, but no serious symptoms. A power yoga class with Marcia today broke an almost week long yoga fast and put me to rights. When I emerged, the sun was out and life felt 100% brighter and lighter. A couple of decent checks came in (one via mail, one via direct deposit) to ease the financial pressure, and I got my end of the month invoicing out this morning. A bunch of reports have been completed - I have one big trip report pending (this afternoon, with luck) and a few small reports backlogged - then a pile of new projects to dive into. I got the bulk of updates for a website put to bed - and a good start on the remainder.

I have a "no travel" rule for the next two weeks. I need to get stuff done for my one long time client by teh end of this week, and then I need to put my stupid taxes to bed. After April 16th - I'm gonna clean this freaking office.

In my internal soundtrack, I need an energizing, inspirational theme song right now....cause I am feeling pumped and ready for the battle.

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