April 09, 2007

Bodies within Bodies

Yoga tonight - I am taking a special weekly class which is, on one level, a bit fundamental, but affords me the opportunity to work with an instructor who I need to work with. So, tonight was week #1.

Tonight's wisdom - outside of the yoga (which was a bit instructional, its an all levels class with a lot of newcomers). I was aware that I was observing the instructor - watching her work. I admire her greatly, for her magic which I have partaken of, and for the community she has built. So watching her work is a second level of practice.

But, watching her, in her studio, I became aware of a being as an onion - living in the body, as well as in ones space - the studio, the business, the vocation. A lesson for me. I have so freaking far to go....here I am mucking around at the first level of the onion - and I am barely competant at that.

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