April 03, 2007

Ready for doggie yoga?

AP Story, as retold by KOMO-TV in Seattle here.

Pretty sure none of our pooches would sit still for it. Maybe Melina (the blind aussie cattle dog) - one of her nicknames is Kundalini, after all, but to be honest she is old and stinky, and who wants to be that close to her on a mat? Ellsworth (aka Elo) is more than happy to be in contact with his humans but I fear a room full of dogs might be a bit too tempting. PLAYTIME!

Calliope (eka Callie) our third dog, would love the attention, but she is completely skittish in enclosed spaces and I fear a downward dog over her would set off her danger danger warning alerts and she would scamper off to a less restricted part of the room.

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