April 03, 2007

Shipping News

Another visit to my favorite (not) post office (Shield Street, West Hartford) where there was, as usual, a huge and slow moving line.

Since all I really needed was to send a Priority flat rate envelope, I opted out of the line and came back to the office. Here's a little secret. Paypal (who does not have a Paypal account?) will print you out postage and labels for USPS shipping from their website.

Now, it's not really well advertised. It's more of an add-on to Ebay - your auction ends, prepare your shipment automatically. But there is a little link called MultiOrder Shipping (it's a lie - they will let you ship one thing) that is not linked into Ebay.

So, you can print out postage and ship it, pay for it using Paypal, and NOT HAVE TO STAND IN THE DAMN POST OFFICE LINE and also NOT HAVE TO PAY SOME STUPIDLY HIGH MONTHLY CHARGE TO STAMPS.COM. My only kvetch at the moment is that I have not figure out how to get it formatted for my Brother QL-500 label printer (so I do not have to tape or paste the label on manually), but the hooks are there, I'll figure it out sooner or later.

And that, my friends, is wisdom for the day from your el cheapo geekette. Use it wisely.

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