April 19, 2007

The Spot Eatery - New Britain Ave, West Hartford

New eatery that just opened on New Britain Avenue. I stopped in for lunch, and got a good look at the menu.

Breakfast: pretty much sandwiches. We'd probably be more likely to visit if they had eggs and stuff. (sandwiches = bread = carbs)

Lunch / Dinner: The house specialty is hot dogs - any way you want 'em. I was intrigued by the Euro Dog (tomato, onion, cucumber sauce) but there were the regulars too: chili, cheese, kraut, relish, etc. Burgers and sandwiches as well, and some grinders. Soup du jour, and some limited sides. Sweet potato fries peeked my interest - the regular fried looked good, and I am not sure if I recall seeing onion rings on the menu. I ended up getting a veggie sandwich on a hard roll which was yummy.

On the plus side: the place is bright, sunny, and clean (loved the paint job inside), its a big step up from the used car parking lot / lawnmower repair business that used to be in the space, and the food is fresh and good, definitely not fast food! If you have been to Frankie's (Waterbury, Bristol, a few other places) you are getting close....

On the down side: No salads (other than macaroni / potato salad, and cole slaw), and limited breakfast options.

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Jude said...

Oh, and today we stopped by for a quick afternoon nosh and had the absolutely great cajun fries.....