April 12, 2007

The Fall of Imus

Not gonna comment too much - a lot has been said. Just interesting.

Do I think Imus has crossed the line often and flagrantly over the years? Yeah. Whatever boundaries are out there got pushed over and over, mostly by his minions, and yeah, I think Imus was good at playing two sides of the fence - feigning offense, laughing, anger, backing away from the offense, but always winking at the background talk from bernard, sid, et al.

Do I think he is that bad? No. I think he is a complicated case - a border person who makes us deal with stuff like sexism, homophobia, racism. Other people are far more racist than Imus, but other people have learned to cover.

What I *do* find interesting is how far and fast JD Imus has fallen. I've been watching Imus' career over the years, and rememeber how he was on WNBC, how he basically helped found WFAN (all sports except for Imus in the Morning, which was perhaps the only show that was making money at first). His forays into products - Fred and the Auto Body Express....(hell, I think I have a tee shirt somewhere, I need to see if I can Ebay it)

I remember his earliest days as a kingmaker (remember then Governor Clinton coming on his show?) - the way he would talk up serious books on morning shock-jock radio, becoming a sort of "Oprah" for guys. I remember how he used to talk to Fred (who always seemed or played the buffoon) and closed with "I love you, bro" - no idea if Fred even comes on the show anymore.

So, complicated, and sad. Not sure if he will be back - he's pretty old. I think he could come back in some way - less yucks and more thoughtful talk. Dump the team that dragged you down this ugly path. You and Charles do a little two person, one hour talk show - it could work.

And I-man, one more thing. Stay sober. Nothing worth losing that. And you have a young wife and son who need you, even if your wings have melted off.....

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