April 14, 2007

Saturday Night

In which our heroine decides to take a knee, but pulls off a quarterback sneak. (last week's rousing finale of Friday Night Lights continues to infect me)

Specifically, I had pretty much decided on Friday to blow off taxes, file an extension, and take the pressure off. But after an incredibly cathartic (and draining) Kirtan last night, I ended up sleeping in this morning. I blew off the writer's workshop, and Zippy and I spent the morning in consumer mode - we hit Target (tee-shirts and a man bag for Zip, some kitchen stuff for us), then Bed, bath, and Beyond (a breadbox, pepper mill, and some towels). Home Depot wrought some spare house keys and a humane mousetrap. And then Appletree for the usual.

After lunch today (Zippy made a stunningly good seafood salad) I headed off to the office, where, surprise, I ended up finishing off my taxes. Not too bad - I owe the Feds $560 and I owe the state $150 or thereabouts. I'll get the checks ready to go out tomorrow.

Tonight, Zippy took off with AC to Real Art Ways "Real Party" - a little too rich for my blood. I had dinner with a friend from Boston at Angello's at Rockledge - nothing special but not bad.

Waiting for AC and Zippy to get back. Tomorrow - yoga and a mentoring thing with MYA, then try to get some work done and get ready for Chicago on Monday. If the Nor'easter permits.....

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