April 20, 2007

Upside Down

Shankara at Hot Yoga today. Toward the end of the practice, some uncharacteristic (for Shankara) inversions. I was happily doing down dog on the wall with some leg splits (I say happily because I like being upside down and I like feeling all strong in my arms and shoulders). In a fit of my own uncharacteristic "asking for help", I called Shankara over and asked for an assist with a never before attempted headstand.

She's up! It was pretty exciting (and not all that much of a strain, considering I am still coming down from Ana Forrest and a class with Niqqi yesterday, and had just been doing down dog on the wall splits for a minute or so)

I am looking forward to more of this whole being upside down stuff!

The images are most definitely not me, but I found them on the web, at the Betsey Downing website for her Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. For lending me her pics, she gets a link!

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