April 29, 2007

Susu Asian Bistro - Plainville, CT

MYA and I are connoisseurs of the Asian buffet. She's a somewhat picky eater, and has spent a lot of meals in front of unpalatable and culturally unfamiliar plates of food, so a buffet (with lots of options) holds particular charms. Yesterday, in between shopping and support, we recalled a buffet on Rte. 372 in Plainville - but when we got there, it had been converted into a regular restaurant. No problem - we're game for anything, so we had lunch. Plainville now has a top-notch Asian restaurant.

Before the food - the decor. Beautiful wooden tables, comfortable and stylish leather chairs. Stylish glass and wood dividers and walls. We sat in what was, upon close inspection, a sun room, but with a stylish window treatment, and comfortable climate control, the fast food roots were barely discernible. In short, the place is as classy and well appointed as any restaurant I have been in. The ladies room was practically a separate experience - with under vanity lighting into a translucent counter top, and a bowl sink filled with translucent round pebbles.

Not simply a decorator's dream, the food was also incredible. We noshed from the lunch specials - MYA had miso soup and sesame chicken, I had wonton soup and mango chicken. Not simply a ploughman's special - the presentation was wonderful, the fried rice was delicate, fresh, and uniquely flavored (MYA thinks it was cilantro). We loved it all. They also have some affordable sushi / sashimi lunch specials. My mango chicken came packed with fresh and sweet mango, delicate chicken, and snap peas - colorful, crunchy, and yummy.

Not the cheapest place on the planet (although lunch was definitely affordable), but if you are looking for the sort of top-notch dining experience you are used to finding in West Hartford, Avon, or Simsbury - well, think Plainville. Really. I'll be back - my balloon chasing adventures take me to that part of the world quite a bit and I have nearby friends.

Susu Asian Bistro - 132 New Britain Avenue, Plainville, CT 06062 860-793-0013


Anonymous said...

Hmmm big mistake to read this blog entry when I'm hungry! Well perhaps an incentive to make some money.

stephanie said...

i live in plainville and have been to susu several times since it's opened. i couldn't agree more with your assesment. i'd like to add, that i've found the waitstaff to be very helpful and fun. which for me, makes the dining experience even more of a pleasure.
we're getting takeout from there tonight - the spider rolls are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I went to SuSu for the first time on Mother's Day and as someone who loves sushi, I have to say it was some of the best and most beautifully displayed that I have had in a while. And to think that it is in Plainville! Finally something on that road will make rave reviews for something other than chicken wings.

rachel said...

Susu is my new favorite in asian dining!
The presentation of the food is beautiful (especially the desserts!)
mango chicken, chilean sea bass, and the banana party dessert are all favorites with my family

Anonymous said...

This is the best place in the area by far... i don't know why more people don't go there? We usually dont make it to the dinner entrees or desserts because we are too consumed in the sushi which is fresh and excellent. Another must try is the Tom Yum soup which is full of fresh seafood cooked perfectly in a tangy/spicy broth. Yum