April 08, 2007


Spent most of yesterday as a helper (along with the Zipster) for our friend MP who installed tileboard in our kitchen. We've been talking about tileboard for eons - since we pulled the old stove - and now its completed - two wall sections behind the stove, as well as a backsplash behind the sink and counters. MP is a cabinetmaker by profession, and brings a certain attention to detail and technical proficiency to everything he does. It was wonderful to watch him work. (although we did toss in a few aesthetic suggestions which worked out well)

Yeah, actual tiles would have been nice - but we are a low budget household. (the dominant theme in our home is unfinished pine) And we were aiming for some light green tileboard we found (not available retail) - so we settled for white. Now we need to figure out paint to coordinate the white stove and tileboard, forest green speckled counters, and off white cabinets (we may try to paint the cabinets, but they are metal - so might settle for a thorough cleaning and replacing the hardware.

We are blessed to have a friend like MP - we paid him, but surely his labor was less costly than a contractor and his quality and attention to detail was significantly higher. I got to play electrician - pulling all the outlet covers, and replacing them, and dismounting and remounting the range hood.

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