April 15, 2007

Sunday Morning

Skipped yoga this morning. I woke to a bit of fuzziness and dizziness which I am not sure about. Vino from last night? Mild stomache bug? Flu? Temporary malaise. Dunno, but its best to stay off the mat when I am not all there.

Friday night Kirtan is finally settling down. It was pretty wonderful. We all noted it, and Shankara was wondering why - were we in a good space? was it the audience? and I recalled the last kirtan (less transcendent) and joked "if it's great, its because we were on, but t's flat, it their fault". A JOKE. (got a belly laugh out of Shankara) Seriously, the kirtan vibe is the output of a complex formula of our energy, the audience energy, the time of year, the weather, the world, the stars. A 100 different variables. And when it works, magic.

I did bring my bass, plugged it in, got it tuned and sound checked. And when Tom started "Blessed Am I", a chant where guitar does not really work, I picked up the bass and noodled a bit. And when Shankara followed up with "The Earth is Our Mother" (a chant I have actually not ever practiced or done with the ensemble) I knew it was meant to be and I worked out a simple bass part. So my bass (and my playing thereof) has been initiated into kirtan less than 24 hours after I received it. Next kirtan I will actually have practiced and worked out some parts. There are a few of the more traditional chants that I think could work with bass instead of guitar.

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