April 29, 2007

Southington is the new West Hartford

Is it my imagination, or is Southington the new West Hartford? MYA spent an evening at Agave Grill and Tequila Bar. The location (which has evolved from a a HoJo's to a Bickford's. and even spent some time as GoldRoc II (speaking of West Hartford) is now an upscale mexican eatery.

Down the road, in a former TGIF's, Southington sports a Wood-n-Tap Bar and Grill(now a full-fledged chain with locations in Hartford, Farmington, Rocky Hill, and Southington) - and being old, I recall when it was a newcomer supplanting the venerable Keg on Capitol Avenue.

Southington has been a bit of a suburban nightmare for many years - a good place to raise your kids (especially if one of them was adept at firing a baseball or softball towards the plate) - but Rte. 10 / Queen Street seemed more like a mall (Chili's, Outback, Ruby Tuesdays) than a place for entertainment and fun. Perhaps the kids are growing older, and between parents with some disposable income, and the former kids becoming young adults with income and taste, there is a demand for something better than national franchises.

Downtown Southington has had a makeover the past few years and has a couple of nice restaurants - it certainly had West Hartford Center potential. And there are a couple of decent coffeehouses in town (Cafe Del Mondo closer to downtown, and Jitters up on the Plainville line). Heck - I think we even have an art opening penciled in for May 4th at J. Whitney Gallery on Queen Street.

What's next? Real Art Ways II? It will be interesting to see what else sprouts along Queen Street!

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