April 07, 2007

Fathers' Daughter

A piece in today's Hartford Courant about children of same-sex couples, by the always GLBT friendly Daniela Altimari.
"Children do best with both a mother and a father," Brian Brown, the married father of five who heads the Family Institute of Connecticut, told the legislature's judiciary committee.

In written testimony submitted prior to the hearing, Brown elaborated: "Same-sex marriage severs the tie between marriage and parenthood; it gives the state stamp of approval on an institution that creates permanent motherless-ness and fatherless-ness."

"It is," he added, "an untested social experiment on our state's children."

Mr. Brown, I'd love to take you to Bristol to meet some kids I know who suffer from permanent fatherless-ness. The problem is not gay and lesbian couples who stay together. The problem is heterosexuals who do not.

If you want to save marriage - toughen up your divorce and remarriage laws. Toughen up your family courts to ensure that kids are effectively parented following divorce. Toughen up your laws regarding child support and parental responsibilities. Crack down on heterosexuals, and leave the GLBT community out of it.

Becca, the teen leading off this story, has two loving parents. That's one more than a lot of kids in this state, and two more than some.

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