April 22, 2007

Lost and Found

Last night after Nia, my yoga mat was nowhere to be found (I had unrolled it, found it not needed, and folded it in the back of the room). Yogi's had come through and straightened up behind us as we worked. I checked the mat pile, and did not find it, so assumed that it had walked away with someone in the class by accident. I was feeling kind of punk - I had bought the mat at the studio (so it was not cheap) and it was a thicker material than most - good for creaky 40-something knee's and elbows. I was, on some level, thinking about where to go to replace it (I own a few mats and cloth covers, that I use in various combinations)

This morning, I realized that it might have gotten moved into the small studio. And so it was, nicely folded up on top of the pile. So I have my mat back. Tonight, I took a sharpie to all my mats - now clearly marked JUDE.

MYA and I went out shopping this evening - she was in search of some $4 asian slippers from some fashion place in New Britain (which was closed, I think permanently) so we drove around looking for places (unsuccessfully). We visited the Imperial Buffet in Plainville, where she was offered a beer, complimented on being skinny and beautiful, and asked where her Mommy (er....that would be me) was. We're regulars there, don't cha know. Hell of a big laugh.

Anyway, after that we dropped by Kohls where I treated her to some nice slipperish shoes, I got some suitably butch Mudd Adventures (somewhere between sandals and sneakers) which she sneerily offered that brown was the least offensive color). I also found some decent stretch capri's in white and olive that flesh out my summer pants wear.

Now, home safely. I have a bed full of summer clothes to try on, sort through, and switch-over the cords and forest tones of fall / winter for something lighter and brighter! Who wears these clothes?


Anonymous said...

Good you Found your Mat are you sure you wrote in big enough letters lol I had to do the same thing Yoga Mats

Jude said...

Heh - this is BlogSPAM. But dammit its completely appropriate BlogSPAM - I mean.