May 21, 2006

And Weekend Updates

Weekend? What's that? Yesterday was Jazzercise and a longish work day (Noon to 9 pm, with an hour of driving on either end). Today is yoga and some chores, then playing a bit of soccer mom with MYA. Thursday and Friday were catch-up days from my trip to El Paso, and I am just now getting back into my groove.

On the work front, the Connecticut Sun beat the NY Liberty rather handily in the home opener. I was pleased to see Erin Phillips (31) made the team and is getting some minutes - she knocked down at least one impressive three pointer and did a good job with the ball. Also good to see Kelly Shuemacher (U-Conn alum, now with the Liberty). The work went pretty well - although I was flat-out - I walked in at noon to find a stack of beta tapes to digitize (18 cuts, all in all) - and I was pretty much sitting at the computer non-stop for 4 hours getting things ready. There were three "shows" going on - MSG was running a show (truck), WB20 was broadcasting (from in the control room) and I was running almost all of the video and slates for the arena (big screens). It was a BUSY place!

We went out this morning after yoga - bought some tomatoes and marigolds for the garden; and stopped by the big tag sale in Newington - got my sister some Peruvian silver jewelry from a woman who sells her family's work here. Nice!

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