May 18, 2006

Up Late and Flustered

I pulled into the Jazzercise lot today at 5:45, totally forgetting that Tuesday and Thursday classes start at 5:30. Doh! I could have gone in but the parking lot was full and I would have had to mess around with shoes and stuff - I would have just ended up pulling something by jumping into the middle of class without stretching and warming up. So I punted....

Now I am up past my normal bed-time, trying to finish up a trip report I promised would be done today. I want to be sure this is in people's in box tomorrow first thing. So far I am done with Appendix A (power analyzer data, 18 pages) and am about 60% done with Appendix B (site photos and analysis, 8 pages) and then on to the actual trip report (maybe 25% complete so far)

Gonna be a longish night. I brewed up some leaded coffee. I hate to do this to myself, but my other client has 2-3 reports listed URGENT / ASAP which I really want to get out first thing tomorrow (plus, having missed Jazzercise, Hot Yoga is an imperative), so I want to finish this off tonight and start tomorrow with this off my plate.

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