May 09, 2006

Serendipity All Over Again

Had another moment of serendipity this afternoon with MYA. Pulled up in front of her house behind a car with vanity plates - the license number seemed familiar. Not uncommon - there are a bunch of vanity plates I see as I move through my weekly routine that I always think I am seeing in multiple places. So I figured I had seen this car in front of the house before, or just thought I recalled the plates, or something.

When I walked into the living room however, there was a woman sitting on the floor, playing with MYA's young brother. I said hello to MYA's mom, who introduced me to the woman on the floor - who said "Oh, we've met". Turns out we used to go to Jazzercise together at Tikvoh Chadoshoh Synagogue - I used to stand right behind her most of the time. Small, small world.

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