May 23, 2006

Only in America

MYA and I spend a lot of time at Asian Buffets. She's a somewhat fickle eater and it gives her some choices and options, and coming from a place of not always having a lot of food / choices, the buffet is pretty darn indulgent and luxurious. We went to one recently in Plainville that is on our "A" list; mainly because they make the sushi to order and she can get her salmon and cream cheese rolls freshly made and without the little cucumber or celery that she normally picks out.

Anyway, we were there on Sunday and it was hopping, and the specialty of the place seemed to be king crab legs. We watched a middle aged couple - the guy walks back from the buffet with a HEAPING plate of crab legs. I mean, this was a full size plate, piled maybe 6" - 8" high with crab legs, plops it on the table, and the couple begins to snarf. It was noticeable and amusing enough - practically Homeresque in the "gobs of food" comedy of the image.

So we laughed a little bit - about gluttony and spoiled americans and destroying the planet and all that. And a few minutes later, notice the guy walking back from the buffet WITH ANOTHER HUGE PLATE OF CRAB LEGS.

And this my friends, is why America Sucks. Because we lose all sense of perspective. Because a rare delicacy that, were we indigineous or non-technological people we might never see or get to taste, becomes an opportunity to engorge. Because if a little is good, a LOT if better. Because we can have ALL WE CAN EAT for $11.95, and because we feel a responsibility to get our money's worth and screw anyone else who might want some. Because two heaping plates of king crab legs is the same as a small percentage of the world's population sucking up most of the world's energy and natual resources.

Oh, I know I am as guilty as the next person - I am an American too - I have a house full of stuff and I drive my car a lot and I consume and generate garbage. But, I dunno, I feel as if I think about the global and planetary consequences when I consider a purchase. I drive an older car knowing that when I replace it, I consume a bit more of the planets metal and petroleum, and add a bit to the global garbage heap. I try a little.

I do not pile king crab legs 8" deep on a plate and call it dinner.

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