May 03, 2006


We went to a lovely evening of ritual, food and frolic - a small circle of women, some fire, some herbs, some candles, some libation. It was very nice.

In the small world department, Zippy's hypnotherapist / local queer community figure is usually a member of this circle (her partner usually leads things) but they were unable to attend last night. Somewhat thankfully; I had recently kind of snarked in that direction (rather inappropriately) over a support group, and gotten a "step back" letter in response. My bad..... I need to remember that I should just shut up and lay low in the community, the more I speak up, the more I muddy the waters.

Zippy got to meet my client (who convened things last night) which was fun (she's heard much about her over the years) and despite divides of age and privilege, we had a nice time. We did have a good discussion about "having it all" - in Zippy's eyes, these women have "had it all" - marriage, money, kids, career, and now, as they age, a sort of dykish womyn-community - and she sort of resented that. And I guess I was more circumspect about it - realizing that they have paid a price for what they have had, they have made certain decisions and taken on certain responsibilities.

I am OK moving through higher strata of wealth and privilege - I do it so often for work and my social worlds. It does not bother me to be around it, when needed I can buy into the club, and when I move through those worlds I do not feel the need to highlight my own financial situation, and am comfortable that I am bringing something of value into the space. Wealthy people often collect interesting friends....that would be me! Zipster has a harder time with that. Which is odd because she comes from a family of higher social standing and privilege than mine. I think my family upbringing was such that I learned to dress nice and be polite and try to fit in; not so much in a social climbing way, but more in a "try not to embarass us" kind of way.

Anyway, it was fun, perhaps we shall be invited back for the next sabbat....

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