May 27, 2006

CT Sun Lose to Detroit Shock in OT

Not an inspired performance. They came out slow, caught up slowly over the course of the game, and finally tied it up and went ahead in the 4th. The game was tied at regulation, on a Katie Smith three-pointer. OT was close, but it was not enough - the Shock beat them at the end.

My observations (for what they are worth):

* Margo sat most of the 2nd half, in foul trouble, and when she played she was a little flat
* Taj was also just a bit off - she was there but did not score consistently, and turned it over too often.
* Lindsey did not play an awful lot (20 minutes). Erin Phillips filled in and played really well but she missed a few of the important three-point shots that Lindsey tends to nail. Definitely a good Lindsey back-up, though - and an exciting player.
* Nykesha seemed to play well, but it was not enough

Just all in all not a great game.

I was totally swamped - showed up on site at noon and was flat-out until about 3:15 when we started the pre-game. Just a lot of beta tapes to digitize, content to generate, etc. Not even time for a meal at the luxurious MoSun employee cafe. Mucho gracias to the gloriously inked Kris for glomming a plate of food for me from the press area. And I am not just saying that cause of the tatts.....

Afterwards, I ended up dragging a ton of content off the local server and onto a portable drive; so that kept me there until 7:00 or so. So a lot longer and higher energy / pressure day than I normally have.

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