May 16, 2006

Close But No Cigar

Out in El Paso. A long long day of work. Not a lot of sleep (I am sleeping poorly in the hotel, between the change in climate, the bed, the time change, and A/C). And after a good long day of investigations, some positive findings, and leaving the site thinking "things are fixed" I got a phone call - scans 9 and 10 aborted. 8 good ones in a row were a positive sign, and much better than in the past, but there are still issues.

So instead of a low pressure day of hanging out and babysitting, back into the muck and mire today. Probably not going to make too many changes or do more tests, but will be putting together a fairly long and expensive action list which is not going to make people happy. Ick.

I am still hoping to get to the local jazzercise class tonight, and will be winging back home tomorrow. But what a long and tiring trip....

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