May 11, 2006

Live from New York

On the 20th floor banquet room of the St. Regis Hotel in NYC, you can grab some WIFI by standing in the far southeast corner of the room. And so, I come to you live from NYC.

I'm in the city for two days of powerpoint princess-ing; shepharding 8 hours worth of corporate powerpoint presentations. We're into presentation 6 of 19 and I am already looking for diversion. It's that kind of day. Just trying to stay awake; balancing hydration with the access to bathroom visits, wishing I had thought to fill my bag with emergency foodstuffs (granola bar, fruit, snackage) because the crew is not really getting fed. But mostly, trying to stay awake and alert, just in case the presenter bags himself.

HIMself. Not him/herself, not themself. 19 presenters. No women. One woman introduced the day (she had about 60 seconds of podium time). Some of my clients are more diverse - but this is engineering; and not sexy/fun engineering.

For the record, I did not stay at the St. Regis last night (too much gilt for my taste, truth be told) but I did lodge at the chic Parker Meridien a block away. Much closer to my taste - along the minimalist / modernish. Not that I could afford to stay at any of these were I actually paying the bills. But you know. The perks of being a freelance geekette.

Now if I can just stay awake until 5:00 pm.....

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