May 09, 2006

I need a clone....

This is one of those days when I need a doppelganger or a stunt double.

* I'm in to work at 7, need to bang out a quick report.
* Yoga at 9:30, since I'll be out of town tomorrow and Thursday and I AM ADDICTED AND NEED MY FIX
* Quick home, change into un-yoga-ish clothes, then back to the office. One of my clients wants to do a conference call, which I need to try to squeeze in at some point.
* At noon, I am due in Manchester to pick up some stuff for MYA.
* Back to the office, a 1:00 pm appointment to walk a clients through email setup.
* Maybe the conf call will happen.
* At 3:15, I'm in Bristol to take MYA to an appointment. After that, dinner.

Zippy is the kind of person who puts one, maybe two things on her schedule, and calls it a day. I am the sort who works best with a tight schedule - like running an obstacle course.

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