May 08, 2006

Consolidation in Office Supplies

So somewhere along the line Viking (who send me office supplies quickly and at a good price, albeit with way too many catalogs in the mail) got bought out by Office Depot. And Reliable (more catalogs, but thinner) seems to have partnered with Office Max.

Side note - Office Max recently closed a nearby store, their 1Q2006 Financial Release reports:
During the first quarter of 2006, OfficeMax opened 6 new retail stores and closed 109 stores, ending the quarter with 867 retail stores compared with 940 stores at the end of the first quarter of 2005....during the first quarter of 2006 we closed 109 underperforming domestic superstores

So who is Staples gonna buy out / get bought by / merge with? Oh yeah - these folks. Since 1998, apparently.

But what about W.B. Mason?

Me, I just need to buy some printer ink.

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