May 07, 2006

NoHo Pride

Spent much of the day yesterday at Northampton Pride. MYA wanted to go up. Zippy was doing some volunteer work on her own, and spent the day at a health convention / conference, so it was just me and my charge.

We took the back way up from Bristol (177 to 167 to 309 to 10 into NoHo) which took some time but was picturesque although it was kind of gray and rainy most of the way up. Missed the parade - but by the time we got there, it was sunny and warm - enough so that I was able to strip down to a cami top and get some sun. Freckle season is upon us.

Pride was, as usual, mixed. I saw a lot of old friends, and the usual pack. Caught up with my friend Jeep. Bought one of these tee shirts - ostensibly for the Zipster but we'll both end up wearing it. Or not. Hard to find the right social situation for a bold combination of political and queer outness. The two womyn selling said shirt were fun and yummy (and their little dog too, ensconced in a backpack). It was good marketing - I saw a bunch of said tee-shirts on hot people. So yeah. Took MYA to the Pride and Joy bookstore so she could experience it; she browsed and also bought a postcard (Warhol and Divine) for Zippy. Kind of fun to take her places like that; passing along the culture.

Met some new friends - shout out to G and friend? partner? spouse? who has already found my blog. Apparently a few carefully chosen keywords and the directive to "Google Me" is sufficient these days, despite my lower profile online, to find me. Although I am a lot less visible in some ways, the combination of a decades worth of online ranting and outness, and a reasonably integrated life makes me pretty easy to find. G had an email waiting for me by the time I got home, so ze (pronoun preference unexpressed; hate to assume, but if I had to guess I'd say androgyne in the Ari Kane and pre-transition Jude model) is clearly as neurotic as me in terms of email.

Also ran into PR, who purports to be a music manager, but her real vocation is rabid Connecticut Suns fan. The last two times I have crossed paths with her she was wearing a Suns tee shirt, and has season's tickets. Go her. I need to try to connect with her down at the arena just to say hello, but I'm usually pretty busy once the doors are open.

MYA had a good time, we ran into a bunch of people we knew from True Colors. Aside from her rather crass habit of asking people if they were members of the tribe (working on it) she was fine - she bummed around with a friend all day who lamented the fact that hanging out with her made people thing he was straight. Oh honey, not with the pink accoutrements and queer button laden hat.

Pride was moved to a parking lot this year - and although some were not happy with that, I thought it worked. It was kind of urban and compressed - instead of feeling rinky-dink like a festival gone to seed, it was a lot more vibrant. I ran into lots of friends, I saw more people, I listened to more music. I vote yes to the parking lot.

As always its kind of bittersweet. Walking alone through a space that I would rather be sharing with the Zipster is difficult. Zippy and I are not closely connected to any one specific sub-group in the GLBTIQ enclave; we cross a lot of boundaries and borders but are not really part of any one specific team. Part of that is being coupled. Part of that is my own journey. Part of that is being burned out. Part of that is being older.

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