May 14, 2006

Because This is What I Do II

Sitting at Bradley International Airport, I am pleased and amazed to find free WiFi. Dang! When did this happen? So the fact that my flight out to Houston is delayed is not too horrific; I have a bunch of little internet projects that will get done. Go me.

Today was kind of a sleeper. Hot yoga this morning; Ana Forrest is visiting the studio this weekend; but the only workshop I was really into (backs) was this afternoon. But there is a buzz about; she's big stuff in the yoga world. Next time she is through, perhaps I will be ready for her workshops - I still feel like I have lots and lots to learn. Pearls before swine and all that.

No issues with getting here - my luggage was not overweight (the tool case can exceed 50 pounds if I pack it) - the gate agent watched me lift it onto the scake and commented that it would not be a problem (since I lifted it pretty easily), but it came in at 46 pounds. Butchy, me. Still, it was a kind of frantic packing and preparing kind of afternoon - purse, laptop, suitcase, tool case. Grab some files from the desktop, dump some inages off the digital camera, sync the PDA. That kind of stuff. I only regret not thinking to charge / bring my MP3 player.

Sitting in airports, getting online, doing some work, filling in the dead times with small projects and diversions. This is what I do.

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