May 10, 2006

So Much To Do in New York.....

....with no money. Extra points if you get the reference.

I'm in the city this evening - came down for a corporate production gig. I'm staying the the Parker Meridien and working at the St. Regis - both exhorbitant lodgings in their separate ways. I actually dug into the minibar for $4 chocolate covered raisins (crew dinner was delicious but kind of thin over at the St. Regis) - I figured $4 snackage would prevent a costly room service binge.

Of course I am doing nothing fun - we worked until about 9:30, and need to be back on property at 7 am. No time for fun :(

But I am in New I feel urban and sophisticated. Also my jaded cynicism plays as hopeful optimism and delight here.

I got some hot yoga in today. So now I am kind of running on fumes. A hot tub would really feel good. But I'll settle for a dog-free bed.....

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