May 23, 2006

Going Postal - Part Deux

In a blog posting a few months back I mused about a postal worker going on a rampage. Today, looking around the USPS website looking for information on passports (Zippy is passport shopping, I have one, we dream of a trip to Ireland), I stumbled onto the Postal Service's Setting the Record Straight Page.

Apparently some marketing / PR type within the postal service has the job of combing the media for (mis)representations of the postal service and writing polite but firm letters. Which can be pretty amusing, really.

While there are the expected letters in response to editorials and news stories, there are also letters to TV show producers (House and Crossing Jordan in 2006, Law and Order, Las Vegas, Alias in 2005). Even the vaunted New York Times comes under fire for a January 9 puzzle, where the clue "Go Postal" led to the answer "snap"

Apparently the archives do not go back far enough or the scope of the mission was not so broad in the days of Cheers (Cliff Clavin) or Seinfeld (Newman) - either of those shows could have garnered an entire website of firm rebuttals.

Even Stan Simpson of the local Hartford Courant gets a letter

I'm just kind of speechless.

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