May 08, 2006

The Notorious Bettie Page

Great movie. They nailed the visuals. I loved the cinematography (I think they mixed archival footage with new footage dialed back to look old to get a sort of grainy B/W feel for the NYC shots, but mixed in color as well - perhaps cued from the ephemera (photos resulting from a particular scene or part of her life).

Remarkable how sympathetic and innocent / naive Ms. Page was (was portrayed?) by Gretchen Mol. She really got both the look and the "having fun" aspects of it all that seem to come through in Bettie Page's through-the-lens personna. Also fun - the portrayal of the photography buffs (kind of 50's geeks), the butch photographer (portrayed by Shelley Mars) and Bunny Yeager. Not being an aficianado of pin-ups or the history of erotica....its all kind of new to me and interesting....

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Anonymous said...

Saw it at the local indie house in MSP (Lagoon) a couple of weeks ago with Erica. Was fun and we both got movie posters.