May 29, 2006


Felt like a weird Sunday.

Jazzercise this morning. Then home where we planted the annuals and Zippy's cucumbers. Lot of digging and bending and weeding and stuff. A friend came over and we went biking up the canal path in Farmington. Then dinner at the Texas Steakhouse. Then off to the office to prep for my trip. Now back home. A client called up in a bit of a state - apparently some updates I did Friday inadvertantly overwrote some of the blogger based pages with old content. Stupid me. I knew that was an issue and I meant to republish and I forgot. All fixed now. But annoyingly dumb of me.

For some reason I thought we were leaving at 12 noon tomorrow, but I was probably confused with the Saturday WNBA call time - actually my day starts at 8 am. So no yoga tomorrow morning (was hoping to sneak in a session). Just as well, I'm kind of achey and tired.

If I was really dedicated I would invest in a DVD and practice on the road. At the very least I could roll through some sun salutations.

I'm in Canada (near Toronto, apparently) Tues / Wed / Thurs. Hold my calls. Actually, the cell phone ought to work; and email as well.

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