May 15, 2006

Well, I'm here

Not a horrible trip, but lots of complications.

Continental flight out of Hartford was delayed. And delayed again. Then a power outage in Houston's tower. I got moved over to American flights through Dallas - leading to a walk from one end of Bradley Airport to the other. But the Continental agent kept my ticket folder, with my license and my baggage tags - and without ID, I was stuck - cound not go back to Continental gate, nor on to the American gate. So I waited and waited for another passenger to bring them over to the ticket counter. Said passenger took the folder to the American gate. Uhm, nice try, but its hard for me to get to the gate without the ID. Security, remember?

I finally got on the flight - I got my ticekt marked SPECIAL SCREENING and ended up going through a very thorough pat down and bag screening - before being reunited with my ID at the gate. After some delays on the Dallas to El Paso leg - I am finally here - checked in around midnight. Slowly winding down for bed.

The new (?) Airlink at DFW is pretty nice - a heck of a lot faster and seemingly more reliable than the old TrAAm.

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