May 25, 2006

Holiday Weekend

It's Memorial Day. Summer is upon us.

I was at a post office in Farmington today; an older gentleman was collecting money for AMVETS or DAV (red poppies.....?) so I gave a buck. Just to sit outside in the heat all dressed up earned the buck. And its a good reminder about Memorial Day. Lot more folks in need of remembrance this year than last year.....thanks to our little colonial adventure in Iraq.

We have no serious plans for the weekend. I work on Saturday. We're keeping an eye out for something to do on Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow, its work and yoga and dropping my car off to get the A/C looked at - its dead this summer; probably needs a recharge - and MYA was not happy to be riding in a sweaty car. (nor was I, but I usually don't wear makeup!)

Looks like I am heading to Canada next week for a production gig (Tues - Thurs) which should be semi-exciting. The not-so-semi-exciting part - we're driving (9 hours each way) and I suspect at least 50% of my official duties will be to take the wheel for part of the time, and keep my client awake the rest of the time. Which is OK - we're a full service organization! Have not been in Canada in ages....

Not much else to report. Zippy and I did a walk in a park in West Hartford (near the mall) this evening after dinner (Olive Garden, our first visit to the new one in Corbins Corner)

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