May 21, 2006

New Yoga Mat

Just got me a new yoga mat. I've been comparison shopping (i.e. - talking to people who have non-standard mats) and the Jade Harmony mat seems to be a good choice for the perspirationally blessed. That would be me. Some people have the grippy clothes they put over their mats, but the die-hards seem to prefer these; the natural rubber seems to be pretty darn sticky, and a lot of people have been raving around the studio. Time will tell.

Cedona Red, in case you care.

I am mat blessed; I have two jazzercise mats (one I keep at the jazzercise place, one I use in case I go to another location locally) and now three yoga mats. (I got a thin inexpensive one (red, color is important) to start; then upgraded about six months ago to a thicker, nicer one (teal) which is great on the feet but slippery when wet, er, sweat. I think I will keep the teal one to use for gentle classes and all level classes where I am less likely to soak the mat, and keep the new one for hot and power classes. The old red mat I may keep an eye out for a home for.....

One of the instructors quipped on Wednesday night that yoga used to be simple until it came to America. True - we have all these yoga toys - mats and straps and eye pillows and blocks and balls and......

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