May 08, 2006

Erin Phillips (31) - Connecticut Sun

Keep an eye on this one. The Connnecticut Sun have signed an Australian point guard, 5'7" Erin Phillips. She just seems like a sparkplug - at one point during yesterdays game she took it down the lane with authority (despite being only 5'7") and threw up an improbable but effective layup. A lot of confidence and talent. I'm excited to see her and Lindsay Whalen working together, as well as spelling each other.

The preseason game against the Detroit Shock was pretty much a snoozer. None of the Sun stars played - Whalen, Sales, Douglas, and a few others did not dress, Dydek and Taj have not yet joined the team. It was pretty much the second team vs. the Shock's regulars, so nobody was upset at the apparent second half rout.

My work, though a bit more involved this year, (I'm running the computer with a lot of the in-arena graphics and animations on the big screens) is still pretty relaxed during the actual playing minutes, although as the season progresses we'll probably be adding features and clips in the "get loud, get rowdy" vein. So I get to watch the games, albeit from a small room in the bowels of the arena. Last year it was mostly "stills" (kind of like PowerPoint) but this year most of the graphics are animated, plus I am running all the commercials (Contessa! For people who appreciate fine food!), the upcoming games and events trailers, as well as the little film clips they play to get the fans going. I'm getting some basic chops on the Adobe Premiere Pro editing system.

The big news this year is that a number of the games will be broadcast locally on WTXX (20) as well as WTIC (61) - two of those are home games (which impacts our work somewhat) and four of those are away games (which means I can further my nascent WNBA addiction). Other games are on ABC and ESPN2, but having ultra-double-secret basic cable (on-air, some news, and a couple of toss-ins, but no serious cable channels) I do not get to see the away games too often.

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