May 09, 2006

Green Tea China Bistro

Zippy, MYA, and I had dinner tonight at Green Tea China Bistro, in Newington (Berlin Turnpike). It's been there for a while, in what was (I think) a Pizzeria Uno, and maybe something else in between. It's a pretty nice restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a while.

It struck me as a PF Chang wanna-be - without the larger than life decor. The food was really good, they had some nice martini's, and the prices very reasonable. While the interior has not changed all that much from the Pizzeria Uno days, the lighting was fresh and attractive, the place was clean and neat as a pin, and the staff extremely attentive and nice. Upscale chinese food vibe, family friendly prices.

Pretty light crowd for an early Tuesday; not sure if it picks up all that much later on or on weekends. A good selection of vegetarian food, the usual chinese menu favorites, the "lettuce wraps" and other nouveau appetizers (PF Chang inspired, no doubt). Rice choices were fried, white, and brown (nice alternaive) which Zippy said was great. We had Hot&Sour soup (very good) and Won Ton soup (looked a lot more interesting than the typical offerring of broth and 1-2 wontons, although I did not try it)

There is a bar and a table card with a selection of fancy martini's - lots of beer and wine to choose from as well. While we were there a few tables filled with families - seems like an OK place to take kids or a table full of coworkers for lunch or after work dinner.

We'll definitely be back - there were some really interesting entree's (e.g. - mango chicken) that I want to explore - and a separate Thai menu was handed to us as we sat down - not sure if thats a regular thing or a special on this particular evening.

Green Tea China Bistro - 150 Kitts Lane, Newington

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