May 16, 2006

One More Dub....

Last night in El Paso. So far no sign of Minutemen or National Guard or cross-border uprising. My mission to get to the root of the "illegals" problem is a dismal failure. Kidding. It is kind of interesting to have Mexico in site pretty much all the time. I could see a certain kind of xenophobic attitude developing based only on proximity. Just very weird.

The trip has been a mixed bag. Workwise, we got to the root of the problem pretty quickly, but a 100% solution eludes and I suspect will require some major actions which may or may not be implemented. Lot of politics. My job: write up the trip report, which should take a few hours - lot of diagrams and measurements to get from my sketchpad to Word. I fly back tomorrow morning early.

I went to a local Jazzercise class; I am long overdue in updating my Jazzercise map:

Since it's last been update, I've been to classes in Sunnyvale, Chicago, and a bunch of other places. I'll have a hard time remembering them all, but I'll give it a shot....look for an update soon.

It was a pretty light crowd - just 6 students. A far cry from my 20-30 student classes in CT. Not the best class ever, but not bad. Better than sitting around the hotel room.

Bout it from here - my one television passion these days - House - is on, so I am off to enjoy!

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