October 30, 2007

Books and Music

MYA and I got together tonight; I try to connect with her towards the end of the month when family funds are tight; I think she likes / needs to get out of the house. Our usual Royal Buffet (where we were missed, the sushi guy commented "long time no see") and then, looking for something to kill some time, we went to Borders.

My purchases:

* The long overdue purchase of Springsteen's "Magic". One quick listen in the car, in general, not a huge fan of the production, a couple of great songs, and a few that I am sure will grow on me. Reminded me a lot of the concert, which is good. Springsteen, in general, has taken a step back in my jukebox in favor of more subtle singer-songwriters - I'm just not rockin' the way I used to......

* Dar William's concert DVD "Live at Bearsville Theater". Dar is someone else who has stepped back a bit. In her early days, I pulled hard for her in the way one pulls for a kid sister (my fandom goes back to the days before "The Honesty Room"). These days, with her success fairly well founded and assured, she has less need for me. I buy her CD's, I listen to her stuff, I continue to subscribe to the DarList, which I first posted to in January 1995. But I'm not quite as passionate about her music as I once was. The DVD was a good deal though ($12.99 on sale, how the heck can you get 16 songs of video for less than a CD?) and the production is pretty good to my semi-professional eye (watching it now, she's playing "February", and I might cry, its a song I associate with my marriage dissolving.....)

* Elizabeth Gilbert's first collection of short stories "The Pilgrim". I am a sucker for short stories, and I loved Eat Pray Love, so what the heck. Might as well pile on, in terms of sending NY Times Bestselling authors more money and sales. Apologies to all my less famous writer friends; you know who you are. I'll buy your next books too, I promise.

* The Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell translation). I have his translation of the Tao Te Ching, as well as his anthologies of sacred prose (The Enlightened Mind) and sacred poetry (The Enlightened Heart) - so I like his style. I am sure that some will recommend a different translation, but it's a place to start. The Samadhi teacher training works with the Bhagavad Gita; so I figure it's good background for my own teacher training.

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Terrence McCarthy said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Awful news.

Re: the music. I've been listening to the WRSI website. As you know, that's the Northampton, Mass. station associated with The Iron Horse. You might want to add that one to your blog's list. I picked up Springsteen's " Magic. " I like it, but it does have the ring of nostalgia. Some new tunes sound familiar, and that's probably by design. People my age like wearing those old jeans and those ratty shirts. And those old boots. For most of us, same is true of our music. And The Boss and his people know it. He broke some new ground with " Nebraska. " That was years ago.