October 13, 2007

Very Well, Very Well

Bad: Came upstairs from watching crash to find the internets down and the router lamps flashing ominously. A power down, then a push-button reset did no good.

Good: I happened to buy a new wireless router on one of my last business trips - I forgot a cross-over cable and it was the only way to connect to a piece of test equipment. So I had a spare hanging around, which had not made it over to the office. So, painfree swap out.

Bonus #1: Absolutely no problems getting back online with the new router - I feared having to dig up and reenter passwords and user ID's and the like.

Bonus #2: New router has faster WIFi, better security, and better range. All good for me since I am the one who uses the WiFi. (Zippy is hardwired)


vickramthevar said...

Hello. i see that u do have an addiction towards Yoga:) which is very good. i'd just like to warn you though, that there are many scammers out there who claim to have reached enlightenment and all that, and persuade people to join them on their quest. Please do rationalize before you join this scammers.

Thanking you for your kind attention:)

Thank you.

Jude said...

Thanks for the warning. Have no fear, I am an engineer by training and a cynic by nature. Every experience is tempered by a smile and a wink, and I'm fully aware that every guru carries with him/her a shadow that is usually equal in stature to the goodness and wisdom that stand in the light.....