October 25, 2007

Local Excitement

NEWINGTON - Police are searching behind the Elizabeth Green Elementary school for three masked gunmen who robbed a credit union on Hartford Road this morning, police said.

They entered the Newington VA Federal Credit Union around 9:44 a.m. this morning and jumped behind the counter, police said. Each of the robbers held a handgun, police said.

From the Hartford Courant, story here, or here via WTNH

My office is right up the road; I passed the credit union around 9:15 en route from work to yoga. Afetr yoga, I saw a helicopter in the air over Newington....now I know why.

The building receptionist (always on top of rumors) has it on good authority (one of the package delivery drivers) that the cops had someone down on the ground at gunpoint on Main Street, and that they otehr two have been caught as well.


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