October 07, 2007

Karma Yoga at Samadhi

The folks at Samadhi Yoga lured me over to Manchester this afternoon for Karma Yoga (wherein the proceeds go to MARC. Truthfully, I've been meaning to get over there since they moved to the new space in early September, so I was glad to finally make it over there.

First off, the new space is great. They have two studios - Earth (larger) and Sun (smaller). And while they have retained the feel and vibe of their old space, its newere and nicer (especially the cork floor, replacing carpet which I never really got used to). It's a really light and well conceived space, with plenty of parking. They have a ton of classes scheduled, and although I imagine some will drop off, its nice to see them growing.

The practice was good - a small group of mixed levels, so pretty basic, but Anne gave me a few adjustments that were helpful - she is hands on which I like (a foot to the hip here, a pull there). A nice Sunday afternoon practice, not too strenuous or draining. Interesting to practice in a different studio - I found balance difficult (all my dristi points were missing!) Anne is another one of those teachers I enjoy watching (as I practice) because she is so good with mixed groups and beginners, I appreciate that aspect of the class even as I do my own work.

Anne and I chatted a bit afterwards about Teacher Training; I suspect until I really get rolling at WHY I am gonna be filled with "What Ifs"

Bottom line: visit the new Samadhi space if you have not. They have lots of classes, plenty of parking, and not too far from the old space. Wish I were closer; its a bit of a haul except for special occasions (and yeah, its not like I do not have enough yoga on my plate at WHY as it is)


kerri said...

I had no idea that the studios had names! It reminds me of Mohegan Sun, Casino of the Sky, etc.

Jude said...

Yeah, I only know cause the names are on the website schedule page. Earth is kind of brown and earthy, Sun is kind of rosey-orange and warmer.

I suspect over time they'll be called "the big studio" and "the small studio" like every other yoga studio I have been to.....

Reminded me of Mohegan Sun as well; I had to check the name of "Sun" because I kept thinking it was "Sky" like the casino.